Students Regulation
1. They are polite and disciplined wherever they go. They always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They enter and leave the classroom in orderly manner. They leave the classroom in a single file.
2. They greet all the teachers whenever and wherever they meet them.
3. They refrains themselves from bullying, use of foul language and vulgar behavior as they know it will lead them to strict action.
4. They take good care of their health and keep themselves robust and strong.
5. They are always be friendly with others in or out of school.
6. They are never be cruel and knows that cruelty is the trait of a bully while kindness is the mark of a gentleman.
7. They always accept and complete whatever work is assigned to them.
8. They face difficulties courageously as a challenge.
9. They are always be ready to lend a helping hand at home to their parents, brothers and sisters; in school to teachers, companions and any unattended visitor whom they happen to meet on the school premises.
10. They never cheat or be unfair.
11. They stand up when any teacher or visitor enters the classroom.
12. They are truthful.
13. They respect the aesthetics of the classroom and of the school premises and report any damage caused, to the teachers.
14. They never hesitate to say ‘NO’ when asked or tempted to do a thing, which they know to be wrong.
15. They respect the liberty and rights of others.
16. Instead of lamenting and grumbling over the evils of the world. They tries to contribute their share in making the world a better place to live in.
17. They look upon people from all parts of the world and all walks of life as their brethren irrespective of their caste, colour and creed.
18. They never waste their time in idle gossip.
19. They should take pride in wearing their school uniform. They will not wear the school uniform in any public place outside school, without prior permission.
20. They refrains themselves from shouting or wrestling in or around the school building. They even never run in the corridors.
21. They never throw‘s any object at anyone.
22. They never form’s any group or attend meetings unless they are arranged by the school authorities.
23. They never attend the school with sickness which is infectious & injurious to other students.
24. They never keep money, costly articles like ornaments or jewelry etc. with them.
25. The cultural & Co-curricular activities of the school are conducted through house system. All students are obliged to take part in it.
26. They possess a school dairy and carries the same to school without any failure.
27. Chalk is never allowed to be taken from the classroom to be used for any purpose except for writing on the black-board with the permission of the teacher.
28. Strict silence and great reverences are the main quality of the students during assembly, prayer time and singing. A very serious view is taken of any misbehavior at those moments.
29. They are personally responsible for keeping the school clean and taking care of the furniture.
30. They ensure the specimen signature in the space indicated in the school dairy. No other signature are accepted on the regularity record, report card etc.